What is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada as a family or student?

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Express Entry Program: This is on record as the easiest and fastest way to immigrate to Canada from anywhere in the world.

Want to immigrate to Canada but don’t know how to get started? Here is the guide you are waiting for.

Earlier this year (February 14)M, 2022), the Canadian government has announced plans to welcome 1.3 million new immigrants over the next two years. Immigration Minister Shawn Fraser has announced that Canada will receive 432,000 new immigrants in 2022, 447,000 in 2023 and 451,000 new immigrants in 2024.

According to the Canadian website Canada.ca, 5 million Canadians are due to retire from active service by the end of the decade. Therefore, to ensure that Canada’s economic needs are always met, the Canadian government has decided to welcome 1.3 million immigrants into its workforce over the next two years.

So if your long dream is to live in a very progressive and multicultural country like Canada, this is a golden opportunity that you should not miss for anything.

Now, the most common question has been; How do I immigrate to Canada? What is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada? What is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada? How do I find the best immigration consultant for Canada? Can I contact Canadian immigration agencies?

If you read, you will find answers to the above and many more questions. This article will serve as a detail A guide to how you can easily and legally immigrate to CanadaDon’t fall prey to scammers who disguise themselves as legitimate immigration agencies and consultants.

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada as a family or student

The easiest way to get to Canada and become a citizen

There are several legal ways to easily immigrate to Canada, but it is always best to find one that suits your profile and reasons for immigration.

Migrating to Canada as a family or student is different from when you are migrating as a skilled worker.

Canada is a beautiful country Healthcare, Educational and economic systems. It has consistently ranked among the top countries with good quality of life and a perfect immigration system.

Below are some of the best ways you can immigrate to Canada as a family between 2022 and 2024 this year.

  • Express entry
  • Family Patronage

Express Entry Program: This is on record as the easiest and fastest way to immigrate to Canada from anywhere in the world. An applicant can obtain permanent residency (PR) through the Express Entry Program within six months. The process of getting your PR through the Express Entry program is relatively straightforward.

First, you need to submit your profile to the Canada Immigration Platform. You will need these three important documents for this stage:

  • Your language test results
  • Educational Certificate Evaluation Report
  • Your international passport

If you qualify, you will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. At this stage, you will need to submit further documents to prove your initial application. Documents included; Reference letters, more identification documents, police clearance reports, and the results of a medical examination.

Family members eligible to be included in your application are your spouse and dependent children. Children are only seen as dependent if they are 21 years of age or younger and if they do not have a partner. All family members included in the application must provide the basic documents listed above.

How much does it cost to travel to Canada through the Express Entry Program? The cost of applying through the Express Entry Program is about $ 2,300 CAD for an applicant and about $ 4,500 CAD for a couple. If you travel with your children, the application fee increases accordingly.

It is also important to remember that unless you are applying under the Canadian Experience Class program or waiting for a valid employment offer for you, you will need to show proof that you have sufficient funds to support your settlement in Canada.

You must have access to these funds in order for your PR visa to be approved. The amount depends on how many members of your family are going to Canada. You will need $ 13,310 for one family member, $ 16,750 for two, $ 20,371 for three, $ 24,733 for four … $ 35,224 for seven. For each additional member of the family, an additional $ 3,586 must be added.

When all applications are submitted, you must wait at least six months for the application to be approved and PR issued.

Family Sponsorship: The Family Sponsorship Program is another easy way to migrate to Canada as a family. In this case, you only need to have one family member who has permanent residence and is eligible to sponsor you in Canada. To qualify to sponsor family members, these criteria must be met. Your family member (sponsor) must:

  • Become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Stay in Canada, or plan to return once you become a permanent resident.
  • Be willing and able to meet your basic financial needs for at least three years.
  • Most importantly, must be at least 18 years old.

This year alone, through the Family Sponsorship Program, Canada plans to accept 105,000 new permanent residents. You can sponsor as many family members as you want to become a permanent resident of Canada. There is no limit to the number. It costs about $ 1,135 CAD to sponsor a family member. The sponsorship fee is $ 75, the main applicant’s processing fee is $ 475, and the right of permanent residence is $ 500 while the cost for biometrics is about 85. It totals $ 1,135 for each family member sponsored. And a separate application must be submitted for each family member being sponsored.

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How to immigrate to Canada as a student

How to Migrate to Canada as a Student

If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada, going as a student can be one of the easiest options available to you. It is believed that this is actually the fastest way to migrate to Canada, as it takes less time and there is a level of urgency in processing your visa application.

To move to Canada as an international student, you must first confirm their admission to a designated Learning Institution (DLIs).

A designated educational institution is a school approved by the government of a province or region to offer admission to international students. All you have to do is go through the list of designated educational institutions and choose a school that matches your choice.

Once your DLI issues you an acceptance letter, you can proceed to apply for a study permit. A study permit is a document issued to a foreigner who has been accepted to study at a DLI in Canada.

To apply for a study permit, you must meet certain other eligibility criteria, which are also expected from every person applying to enter Canada through an approved immigration route.

In addition to your acceptance certificate, you must meet certain criteria to apply for a study permit:

  • You will need to provide a police certificate. This is to prove that you do not have a criminal record that could prevent you from moving to Canada.
  • You are also expected to submit a health report.
  • You need to prove that you have enough funds for your tuition and living expenses.
  • Finally, you must prove that you will leave after your study permit expires. (Don’t worry about it, you have the option to apply for a postgraduate work permit once you’ve finished your studies).

Once you are sure you are eligible, and you have your acceptance letter, the next thing is to collect the other important documents you need and move forward with your application. Other required documents are:

  • A passport or travel document that serves as a means of identification
  • A bank statement to prove that you have the financial support to study in Canada
  • Letter of explanation that explains why you want to read in Canada.
  • And other documents required by the Canadian Immigration Authority.

With everything submitted, your study permit will be issued as soon as your information and documents are verified. With your study permit, you can easily apply for a visa to travel to Canada and it will be approved quickly.

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How To Know The Best Immigration Counselors In Canada

How To Know The Best Immigration Counselors In Canada

You have different options on how you can immigrate to Canada as a family or as a student. But knowing what will give you the best results and going through the whole immigration process may not be something you want to do alone.

That’s why hiring a good immigration consultant is one of the best steps you can take before starting the whole application process. Hiring one of the best immigration consultants to help you through any immigration application process can be your key to achieving maximum results in the end. As much as you can on your own, these consultants have access to the best immigration agencies in the country and they certainly have more knowledge about the application process than you do. All they need is to talk to you about finding the best immigration route that will help you get to your permanent home quickly.

Now, it is common knowledge that there is a lot [email protected] Agencies and consultants disguise themselves as actual immigration agents. Meanwhile, they are out [email protected] People make their hard-earned money.

To make sure you have the best immigration consultant to handle your application for permanent residence in Canada, ask your friends or family members who have used their services in the past for recommendations. If they can’t recommend the best for you, at least they can tell you who to avoid based on their own previous experience.

Another way to find out if your immigration consultant is genuine is to check the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) portal to see if they are registered members.

The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is an organization responsible for licensing and regulating Canadian immigration and citizenship consultants in the public interest.

They are responsible for controlling these two types of immigration and citizenship counselors:

  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), and
  • Regulated International Student Migration Advisors (RISIAs).

So if you contact a consultant, and they claim to be genuine, just ask for their registration number and look for them on the CICC portal. If their information appears there as a registered consultant, you know they can be trusted with the details of your Canada visa application.

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Canada is a country that upholds the basic law. When you finally secure your permanent residence, ensure good behavior. If you break the law, you can get the approval of the immigration authorities.

Your decision to immigrate to Canada is very valid. We hope the information in this article is enough to guide you to make the best decision on your immigration journey.

To check immigration consultant information or to see a list of registered immigration consultants, just click Here And you will be redirected to the CICC portal.

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